A Pennsylvania native, Dr. Jeffrey Fetter, chief medical officer at NH Hospital, has become quite the Granite State transplant. He’s been an internist/psychiatrist at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, worked at Concord Hospital, the state prison system and Riverbend Community Mental Health.

In his free time, Fetter plays fiddle, mandolin, and limberjack for The Wholly Rollers, an old-time gospel string band. You can catch their next concert at the Canterbury Shaker Village on July 10.

Fetter lives in Concord with his wife Erin (a school nurse at Rundlett Middle School) and their two kids. Here are some of his places to go and things to do around Concord.

A place to shop and play

Anyone who has gone to the summer farmer’s market with kids knows that tree in front of the State House, the climbing tree, which is perfectly sized for toddlers on up to climb while the adults enjoy coffee and donuts. You can visit the Concord Farmers’ Market on Capitol Street Saturday mornings from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Outdoor favorites

Winant Park’s forested trails are easy enough for kids, but hilly enough to work up a sweat if you pick up the pace. Only five minutes from downtown, and the hilltop views are a good payoff.

Pond @ NH State Hospital, Concord, NH

I trained and worked at NH Hospital much of my professional life. I have fond memories of quiet summer weekends on call, waiting for the next page or grabbing a lunch with my wife and young daughter on a chair swing by the duck pond nestled in the remnants of the old orchard.

A cold one

Arnie’s Place opening for the season is what makes spring real. Vintage cars, barbeque pork, Nazzy’s favorite, what’s not to love?

Always in the spirit

I lived in Concord for 12 years before I even knew about the Christmas Parade, and boy was I amazed when I experienced the breadth of our community on display during this parade. I have had the opportunity to march in it with my son’s Cub Scout pack for several years now, and I will tell you that there’s really no experience like seeing how kids react to seeing hundreds of people smiling, waving and cheering them on as they scatter candy far and wide.