Agnes and Sumner Marshall started Marshall’s Florist 65 years ago in Boscawen, born out of a tragedy after Sumner was accidently hit by a car. After a year recovering, he and Agnes started the business since he could no longer farm. And now, their granddaughter, Lorrie Carey continues the tradition on King Street in downtown Boscawen.

Lorrie Carey, who runs Marshall’s Florist in Boscawen, recounts how the family business started amid tragedy 65 years ago. Carey’s grandfather, Sumner, was helping a driver who broke down on the side of the road when he was struck by another vehicle. Sumner spent a year in the hospital, and his injuries, which he carried the remainder of his life, kept him from farming. So Sumner and his wife, Agnes, started the flower business. Sumner did the growing and Agnes did what Carey describes as the “fancy work.” Plus, Agnes, who is now 102, worked off of the farm to help support the family and pay for her kids’ education. Generations later, Marshall’s still helps families mark important milestones, and we found it interesting that this family business grew from the seeds of such a challenging time.

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