Let’s begin with a confession: I like beer as much as the next New England IPA convert, but I’ve always scoffed at anything that claimed to have added fruit – don’t get me started on pumpkin spice – and anything that called itself a “sour.”

Then I met the Delicate Cycle sour ale brewed at Lithermans Limited in Concord, which is made with an abundance of raspberries and lemons. It was love at first sip.

This edition of Around Concord illustrates our collective ability to have all kinds of new beverage exploration without ever leaving the city thanks to the trio of microbreweries in town. Pick your location, pick your atmosphere, pick your beverage, rinse and repeat. What fun.

For those of us looking for eat and drink without the alcohol, behold the pink edifice on Main Street, which is home to the aptly named Teatotaller Cafe. Owner Emmett Soldati brought his model for a LGBTQ-friendly cafe, which has been hopping in Somersworth since 2016, over to the Capitol City.

It’s equal parts cafe and arts space, with custom furniture and murals and special events on tap. “We just opened in Concord and I have been blindsided by the support, interest and curiosity,” Soldati said.

And for those who like a little more swine with their dine, check out Shaker Road Provisions, where owners George “Rocky” Burpee and his wife Laura make small-batch artisanal bacon. They’re located on Fort Eddy Road next to Planet Fitness. That’s right, you can buy bacon by the pound on your way home from the gym. Enjoy!