The entryway of the Kimball Jenkins Estate off of North State Street in Concord on Thursday, December 6, 2018.

As the executive director of Kimball Jenkins, it’s no surprise that Julianne Gadoury of Concord loves the arts. So we asked about her favorite ways to enjoy all kinds of art — both indoors and outdoors — in the springtime, either with her husband, David Shore, and their two middle school-aged kids, or with a group of friends, because Gadoury believes it’s important to make time for friendships as an adult.

Of course, Kimball Jenkins (Can you blame me?) There is a history of craftsmanship past and present all around you. The woodwork is glowing and the pottery wheels hum. Dreams and plans are being hashed out through paint and through collaborations. Kimball Jenkins is a meeting place. You can feel the energy of hundreds of years of human creativity having fertile ground to be messy and thrive.

White Farm & Beaver Meadow Ski Trails. We are incredibly lucky to have access to free cross-country ski trails in our own backyard thanks to the incredible generosity of volunteers from the Capital Ski and Outing Club, and the staff at Parks and Rec. And with funds being raised to purchase an even better groomer and eventually lights for night skiing, gosh, somewhere to go after 5 p.m. when it’s dark with a thermos of hot cocoa? Yes, please! The City of Concord and organizations like Five Rivers Conservation Trust have made Concord an incredibly desirable place to live with year-round trails and recreation opportunities.

Chuck Nemiccolo makes a coffee at the Brothers? Cortado cofffe house at Bicentennial Square in downtown Concord on Wednesday, December 1, 2021.

I love Concord’s coffee shops, Revelstoke Coffee, Brothers’ Cortado, White Mountain Gourmet Coffee, Gibson’s Cafe, The Works Cafe, they all have their own mood. In my opinion, we could use even more restaurants and coffee shops downtown. I would love to see Katmandu Bazaar, at the Lamplighter Plaza in the Heights, bring their potato samosas downtown.

I’m a sucker for arts and enjoy attending arts events of all kinds. It’s not just the final performance or dance or artwork on display. For me, the artwork whether music or dance or a handcrafted mug in your hand contains all the humanity that was poured into it. The final product we see is bravery, curiosity, dedication, risk-taking, joy and laughter. Someone (or a lot of people) put a ton of work in to make that final art event happen.

A student plays in the advanced workshop at the Fall Fiddle Festival Saturday at the Concord Community Music School.

Some of my favorites include seeing live music at many local restaurants and bars across our supportive local music scene; attending the Concord Multicultural Festival (get there early for food!) or being brave and jumping into a traditional Colombian and Salsa dance class with Sindy Chown of Barranquilla Flavor. Of course, the blockbuster hits always have something great, like Hatbox Theatre, Red River Theatres, the Community Players and Concord Community Music School, The Cap Center & Bank of NH Stage, and all the business owners who put that extra effort into creative and artistic store windows and displays. I see you, and it’s appreciated.