What took root decades ago as a college cult sport has slowly made its way into the mainstream as a competitive pursuit for serious players or a fun weekend outing for first-timers.

Disc golf has always formed the basis of its sports around the rigid rules found on the links. You tee off and you try to hole out in as few strokes as possible. It’s how you get there that’s far different on a disc golf course. As long as you can somewhat toss a frisbee (or disc for these purposes), you’re good to go. You’ll toss your disc around tree limbs, over shrubs and across wide open fields. And just like in golf, you’ll on occasion be forced to hunt around for an errant shot. The game itself goes much quicker, and is far easier to pick up, so give it a try. It’s also much less costly than a traditional round. Among the growing number of courses in New Hampshire is Top O’ The Hill in Canterbury. Important note – you’ll need to set a tee time at topodg.com.