Concord’s annual Black Ice Pond Hockey Tournament will begin this month from Jan. 23 to 25. The tournament will take place at White Park on the pond. For four years families with young children and teenagers have come together for this exciting, unique gathering. Last year 89 teams played and five teams won, a different team from each division. This year 91 teams are ready to compete while 25 are still on the waitlist. There are many teams from New Hampshire, but a few from other areas of the world, including Miami and Montreal

Black Ice began to honor the rich hockey tradition of Concord. Chris Brown, a founding member of the Black Ice Organization mentioned that some of the money is donated to youth hockey organizations to reduce the cost and make it more possible for families to participate in the youth hockey program. In the last four years, Black Ice has donated over $100,000 and has helped a few non-functioning skating facilities get back up and running.

Black Ice is a great event to connect with others who share the same love for exciting pond hockey. It is a perfect time for families to bond, and the fun never stops. Food is freshly grilled and available right near the apparel tent that offers warm sweatshirts and other memorable items. This tent is also a perfect place to stand on Friday night and watch the amazing fireworks that begin at 7 p.m. Afraid you’ll be cold? Just stand near the daily afternoon bonfires or warm up in the heated concessions tent.

There have been a variety of winners over they years, but Jack Edward’s Teeth has won every year so far. The team participates in the 18 open division and has several former UNH hockey standouts. Each team name always delivers a good laugh and will ensure a good time.

Who do you want to win each division? Share your memories of years past and opinions on this year’s action in the comments below.