Make a splash!

Remember the days when rain was fun–when you went outside purposely to jump into puddles, not caring about the muddy mess it made on your trousers? Well, maybe you’re not as easily amused as you were at five, but regardless, you’ll need some kind of defense this season against those deep, muddy puddles. Thankfully, rain boots today aren’t as clunky as they used to be. This spring, your feet can be stylish, and dry, inside some of these fashionable rain boots.

Before shopping for boots online, check out local retailers to find an array of just about any style you can think of. From checkers to floral patterns to classy plaid print, you’ll be able to match your personal style with a great pair of boots! Or, if you want to go for the more classical look, try a pair of bright yellow Wellies to match your rain slicker. With the new durable, waterproof styles, you don’t have to walk around all those puddles, you can wade through them.

Don’t dread mud season this year. Get outside and break up the slush with a pair of new stylish boots instead!