Fun for all!

by Susan Nye

Bob for Apples. A Halloween classic! Fill a large tub with water and add several apples. With hands behind their backs, two or three players try to bite and catch hold of an apple. The first to grab an apple with his teeth wins the round. Have lots of towels handy!

Doughnut Chomp. Another Halloween party tradition. Use string or ribbon to hang plain doughnuts from a large doorway. Each player (attempts to) chomp away at a doughnut. No hands allowed and the first child (or adult) to finish her doughnut wins!

Pass the Pumpkin. Silly fun! Turn orange rubber balls (about the size of a tennis ball) into jack-o-lanterns with a black permanent marker. Divide the group and line everyone up into teams. Give each team a jack-o-lantern and place it under the chin of the first player in each line. Without using any hands, pass the jack-o-lantern to the next player and then to the next and so on. The first team to pass the pumpkin all of the way through the line wins.

Mummy Wrap. For a bit of foolish entertainment! Divide everyone into groups of three or four and give each team a roll of toilet paper. Each group chooses a mummy. The first group to wrap their mummy using the entire roll of tissue wins.

Create a Halloween Tale. A Scout Camp classic comes home! Everyone works together to tell a spooky, funny, or just plain silly ghost story. Start with a few catchy lines: β€œIt was a dark and stormy night. Heading home after the Halloween party, the Smiths took a wrong turn onto a narrow, winding road. They tried to turn around but their car got stuck in the mud. Nervously they discovered they had no cell phone service! Suddenly up ahead, in the distance, they saw a house . . .” The story is then passed on to the next guest. Each player adds a bit of intrigue or surprise and the story continues until everyone has taken a turn and the story is complete. If you like, turn the lights out and pass a flashlight around as each teller adds his or her bit to the story.