While driving through Concord 15 years ago, Dan Andrus said to his wife, Cheryl, “This is it. This is where I would like to be more than any place.” Two years later, that dream came true. As the former fire chief for the city of Concord and now the director of Substance Use Disorders Treatment Project for Foundation for Healthy Communities, we figured Dan might know a thing or two about the importance of finding time to relax (especially given this past pandemic year), so we asked him to tell us his favorite places in Concord to find peace and de-stress.

Larry L’s Barbershop: This family-run business is a welcome throwback to the time when a barbershop was as much about friendly relations as a haircut. The Gobeil family has been part of the Concord community for many years and have some great history with the city.

 White Mountain Coffee: Many great meetings have taken place here over the years and the coffee is wonderful. There are always a few packages of coffee in our home kitchen and their one-pound bags are the perfect gift for people who love coffee.

 Red River Theater:This is one of the most comfortable theaters I have experienced and they offer some of the best films I have seen.  They have also been very supportive of community discussions around issues of homelessness and mental health.

 Sewalls Falls Bridge Area:There are so many incredible recreational areas in Concord, but this one is easily accessible and offers a pleasant and calming place to sit by the river. Bring bug spray.

 Planet Fitness:  The pandemic has severely curtailed my visits here, but I am looking forward to getting back to my 3 to 4 times a week here. It is a top-notch fitness facility, clean and inviting with great cardio and strength equipment.