Luke Bonner is hard to miss. At about 7 feet tall, he’s easily spotted wandering the streets of Concord. Sometimes, he’s out grabbing lunch, other times it may be a coffee. And once a year, he’s running the show downtown at the Rock On Fest, which combines his love of  basketball and music. (Maybe you saw him this past August with his brother, ex-NBA player Matt Bonner, and sister Becky Bonner, an executive with the NBA’s Orlando Magic.) With that kind of pedigree, we turned to Luke for this issue’s tip list of where to go and what to do when in Concord. Here are five of his favorites:

1. Revelstoke Coffee: The best coffee shop in the state, no contest. Try an “Ipsento” and make it spicy.

2. Lucky’s Barbershop: Great cuts. Walk-ins only. A true barbershop experience.

3. Carter Hill Apple Orchard: Nothing beats their fresh cider donuts.

4. Bank of NH Stage (AKA Concord Theatre): Amazing venue whose impact on the identity of Concord cannot be overstated.

5. Bread and Chocolate: Their whole wheat sourdough is on point, and the grab-and-go sandwiches are a lunch time go to.