I do nothing but sit

with arms hanging limp,

shoulders slumped,

eyes teary, mouth dry,

unable to concentrate

on anything but

the worst moments,

this loose posture,

unnatural stillness

opens me to

the reality

of my sorrow

unconnected to life

stuck on pause

in need of a nudge

an adrenalin spike

draw in the after glow

of sunset, feel the

explosion of color

let it fill my hollow

space to feel alive again.


Marjorie Burke, a retired pharmacist, lives in Weare. She is co-editor of Women’s Uncommon Prayers: our lives revealed, nurtured, celebrated. In addition, she has published the Melting Ice ~ Shifting Ice trilogy, the journey with her husband’s Alzheimer’s disease. Her newest book When Will Someday Come is a collection of poems about caregiving, grieving and living.