Arnie’s Place – 164 Loudon Road, Concord NH

A visit to Arnie’s in the summer months will include great burgers and tasty ice cream, but during the holiday season, it is a great place to stop by and find the perfect Christmas tree. All trees that you find at Arnie’s are specially delivered by a family in Quebec that used to live in Concord. Not only does Arnie’s sell Christmas trees, they sell kissing balls, wreaths, roping, and many other items that were described as “stocking stuffers”. After selling Christmas trees for 23 years, Arnie’s has become a tradition for many families. If you’re looking for a tree and friendly service, Arnie’s is the place for you!

Cole Gardens – 430 Loudon Road, Concord NH

Cole Gardens has been selling Christmas trees for around 10 years. The holiday spirit is always alive here. Cole Gardens offers wreaths, kissing balls, swags, floral arrangements, and of course Christmas trees! Each tree is special and is given its own name when picked up by a family. Many families come back each year due to Cole Gardens always offering something special and unique.

Shaker Road

Shaker Road runs on the honor system. You can choose from a variety of great trees, and chop it down yourself. The money is left outside the home, and it is up to you to pick the perfect Christmas tree.

River Road Plantation – 5 River Road, Penacook NH

River Road Plantation has a beautiful field full of wonderful Christmas trees that are ready to be cut down. They are grown right out back, and workers are around every corner ready to tie your tree safely on your car. This Christmas tree business has been providing trees for families for 24 years and counting! The experience of cutting down your tree is topped with picking out a wreath to further decorate your home. Families come back year after year for these wonderful Christmas trees.

Murray Farms – 115 River Road, Concord NH

Murray Farms is a great place to purchase a Christmas tree. Among the array of tree choices, Murray Farms also offers wreaths, roping, and Christmas poinsettias. They have been selling Christmas trees for 30 years and the poinsettias for even longer. Each tree is given a fresh cut to ensure a longer life, and is put on the car for you as well. Families revisit Murray Farms every year to buy their trees and wreaths, and any new families looking to start a tradition are always welcome!

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