Try these delicious offerings, courtesy of Natalia Strong of The Soup Gallery, who says, “Our sandwiches and wraps are deceptively simple.”

The Year Round
Choose freshly baked bread (traditional white or multigrain) or a spinach or tomato wrap.
Add herb roasted turkey breast.
Add apricot chutney (dried apricots and red onion), whipped goat cheese, whole cashews, plus organic mixed greens.

The Entire Avocado
Choose freshly baked bread (or wrap).
Grab a fresh avocado and slice it all up.
Add organic arugula and tomato, ground pepper, and sea salt.
Drizzle some lemon olive oil and you have a great sandwich.

The Smokey Mountain Wrap
(We serve ours chilled but warm would be nice too.)
Choose your bread or wrap and a pesto (kale, spinach).
(We make ours with organic greens, olive oil, walnuts, some parmesan, and lemon juice.)
Blend it all together and spread it on.
Add an entire sliced grilled portobello mushroom cap.
Add roasted red pepper.
Add organic mixed greens, including some kale. Wrap it up and you have a great lunch!

Feel free to contact Soup Gallery for more recipes or stop on by to try these!