Headquartered in New Hampshire, Fire Belly Organic Lawn Care provides a seasonal, do it yourself, six step organic lawn care program to customers all over The United States and Canada.

The Fire Belly six step program is an easy to use organic lawn care system designed to give you a beautiful lawn naturally. Every one of the products is completely safe to use and you never ever have to worry about the impact it may have on your pets and family. Plus, all of the products are liquid foliar concentrates and come in ready to use hose end sprayers and are delivered directly to your home from www.firebellylawncare.com.

Owned and operated by Tom Kelly, an industry veteran, father of six, and a New Hampshire resident, Fire Belly honestly believes they can make the world a much better place by simply changing the way we treat our lawns. By eliminating the overuse of dangerous pesticides and chemical fertilizers we are taking a step towards saving the environment and creating a healthier world for our children, pets and families.

“We’ve made a pledge to seek out and provide only clean, natural and organic products that you can safely use around your home and family,” says Tom, a father of six, himself. “Having a nice lawn can be accomplished without the use of synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides. We pledge to provide you with a safe alternative to dangerous products and we would like you to pledge to make the switch to a more natural method of lawn care. When your pledge becomes ours we absolutely can make a difference that goes way beyond our back yards.”

More and more states and localities have passed legislation that puts stringent policies on the use of chemicals around schools because science has determined that exposure to pesticides, even the “improved versions” in smaller quantities, can have extreme negative effects on children. Mounting evidence also shows that chemical fertilizers are responsible for vast amounts of water pollution and that both autism and Parkinson’s disease may be linked to pesticides.

All of this information, combined with the continually building guilt from fifteen years of applying chemical fertilizers and pesticides, pushed Tom to make a conscious decision to bring change to the industry and make an active difference.

“I sought out experts to put together an easy to use and easy to understand program that would accomplish the same thing as chemical lawn care but in an ethically sound way, with the environment and the health our children as the number one priority,” says Tom. “I really think that we’ve managed to do just that and if you give it a try I think you will be thrilled with the results.”