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The Best Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream Places In Concord

Jul 30, 2014 10:43AM ● Published by Olivia Painchaud

What's summer without a frozen yogurt or large scoop of ice cream to wrap up a long hot summer day? Here are our favorite places in and around Concord.

DIPS Frozen Yogurt - Concord, NH

This frozen yogurt shop is strategically located on Main Street in the center of all of the foot traffic and offers 12 different flavors. DIPS is a great place to enjoy a bowl of frozen yogurt with a wide range on topping choices after a long day at work or while visiting the many shops along main street.

Nicolas Harriman, a local Concord resident, mentioned that he helped open a frozen yogurt shop in New Jersey which inspired him to open one of his own in May of 2013 with the help of his father.


Tutti FruittiTutti Fruitti - Concord, NH

Tutti Frutti has been open in the Concord Steeplegate Mall for just over a year. Located near The Bon-Ton, Tutti Frutti has many loyal and friendly customers who frequent the mall.

This frozen yogurt shop features over 100 different flavors and an endless amount of delicious toppings. The owner of this particular shop fell in love with the idea of Frozen yogurt and was inspired to open shop to serve the concord area.

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt - Concord, NH

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt is also located on Main Street in Concord and is very popular due to the fact that they rotate their flavors regularly making each visit exciting.

As a self-serve frozen yogurt shop with endless toppings and a variety of flavors, it's a great place to bring the family to build the ultimate combination.

Fat DanFat Dan's Ice Cream - Loudon, NH

This ice cream shop has been open in the Loudon area for four summers and is conveniently connected to the Loudon Market. Fat Dan's sells around 30 ice cream flavors, and 11 soft serve flavors as well as flavor bursts. If you're looking for a great place to hang out while you enjoy your ice cream then this is the place for you.

Fat Dan's is also known for hiring within the community. All workers here are friendly and are closely connected.

Beech Hill FarmBeech Hill Farm & Ice Cream Barn - Hopkinton, NH

Not only is Beech Hill Farm a great destination for an afternoon of fun, but their ice cream barn features over 75 flavors! Great for a family outing and exciting for all ages, Beach Hill Farm is a perfect place to stop by and grab some ice cream and see some animals.

According to one of the employees, the owner has "always had a love for ice cream, and a passion for farming", so why not combine the two?


Johnson's Seafood & Steak - Northwood, NH

Johnson's is a restaurant positioned on route 4 in Northwood, New Hampshire. Johnson's may serve delicious seafood, but the ice cream is what they are best known for.

A small ice cream is huge compared to many other ice cream shops, and never fails to surprise new customers. With 35 ice cream flavors, and a few frozen yogurt choices thrown in there, Johnson's is a perfect place to enjoy an immense amount of ice cream after a summer filled day.

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