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Stand Your Ground ~ Improve Your Balance

Good balance is vital to normal, everyday life activities such as getting out of a chair, walking, bending over to put on shoes, or going grocery shopping. Just about everything we do in our daily lives, whether for work or leisure, requires balance control. Maintaining this balance is crucial to longevity as well, primarily because it reduces the risk of falling, especially (but not only) as we grow older. Most of the time we don't think much about it; balance happens naturally. But when balance issues do occur—whether from age, injury, or illness—they can cause profound disruptions in our daily lives. Like anything, balance can be lost when we do not practice it. Balance is not static; it’s a delicate and dynamic effort that requires each body part to be perfectly positioned in a line, much like a rock tower. To a large extent, the strength of the legs, hips, knees, ankles and core are crucial for good balance. In this class, we will determine which of the systems required for balance are misaligned or weak in your body, so you’ll have a personalized roadmap to continue improving. You’ll leave with a new understanding of how to shift the body to balance better, and how to incorporate that into your daily life, as well as with a written handout that includes a review of the content so you can focus on the experience without worrying about taking notes. Expect a class that is creative, experiential, informative, and fun!

Date & Time

November 18, 2016

5:30PM - 6:20PM

More Info

Event Website

(603) 856-7328

FREE ~ Bring a Friend

Health & Wellness Laconia/Lakes Region Concord/Bow/Hopkinton/Canterbury Manchester/Southern NH


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