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Helping You Find Your Passions So You Can Live Them in Healthy, Productive Ways

A Lifelong Career in Higher Education:

Helping students stay in school, discover their major(s) & career path, and transition assistance to the next step. I am passionate about helping people see themselves in a new light so they may move toward their dreams and goals, one step at a time. With a few key strategies and some coaching support, I can help you with your next career step.

Career Counseling:

Career guidance is critical in today’s economy and the more we know about ourselves, the better we will be able to meet the challenges that will come our way. I’d love to help you discover your personality type so you can develop strategies to strengthen & incorporate them in your life. I will work with you to find short-term, effective ways to transition into your life’s next step.

Wellness Strategies Nikken Independent Consultant

Wellness technologies from Nikken, a company with cutting edge products, can help support us as we move toward achieving our goals and dreams. Nikken bases their philosophy on the 5 Pillars of Health® — Healthy Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances.

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