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8 Reasons to Rent a Limo

Nov 14, 2013 03:10PM ● Published by Ryan Frisch

There are many occasions in which renting a limo or town car will allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy your day or night out. Prices will vary based on the type of event, number of people, number of hours you'll need and how far you're going but regardless of your destination, you’ll be sure to arrive in style and set the tone for a great time. Here are 8 events where you should consider a limo service.

Sporting Events: Why not grab your family and friends and go see a game? Depending on the size of your vehicle a typical limo can fit anywhere between 8-12 people. As you rock out in your sports gear on the way to the game you can enjoy selected beverages ranging from bottled water to alcoholic beverages. The limo will drop you off at the entrance and pick you up right after the game. No need to worry about parking or walking a long way to and from your car. So get to cheering on your favorite team in style.  

Weddings: Weddings are the perfect occasion for a stretch limousine. After spending house getting ready, relax and end enjoy the ride to ceremony with your entire wedding party. A limo will give you a luxury ride to your special event. 

Prom: Prom is an exciting time for many high schoolers. Renting a limo for the special night ensures you are starting the night on the right foot. Most limos will fit all your friends in one ride and you won’t need to worry about getting lost or finding parking. The Limo service will have all those things figured out ahead of time to ensure you get to your party safe and on time.

A Night Out: Ready to let loose? Want to be a rock star for a night? If you plan to get a little wild, renting a limo is a perfect idea for you and your friends so you won’t have to worry about driving home after a few drinks. It’s the perfect way to enjoy your night and have a little fun.

Travel To/From the Airport: Getting a limo to drop you off at and pick you up from the airport can alleviate the pressure of traveling. After all, travelling is stressful enough and the last thing you want to do is pay an absurd amount at the parking garage after a long day of travel.

Date Night: Celebrating an anniversary or feel like making a special evening for your significant other? Renting a limo for date night is the perfect excuse for bumping up the romance and showing someone you care. You can stalk up the limo with your sweeties’ favorite beverages and snacks to really show them a good time.

Graduations: Graduations are such a celebratory time in anyone’s life. Whether you’re the graduate or the Parents, Grandparents, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts or Uncles graduation day is a big deal and having to deal with carpooling parking takes away from your big moment. Renting a limo is perfect way to get the entire family in one car so you can share the moment together.

Client Meetings: For important meetings, there is no better way to pick up your VIP than with a private car service. First impressions are important so why not put out all the stops and help them relax before you get down to business.

No matter what your occasion, a limo is a convenient way to travel.

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